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CrossFTP Professional v1.88.6 LINUX

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CrossFTP Professional v1.88.6 LINUX
CrossFTP Professional v1.88.6 LINUX 英文正式版(FTP用戶端軟體)

是一款穩定易用的FTP用戶端軟體,採用類似資源管理器的界面設計, 喜歡FlashFXP和CuteFTP
--壓縮文檔瀏覽(.zip,.tar.gz,.jar, ...),解壓,壓縮
--SSL/TSL加密傳輸[pro only]
--多線程傳輸[pro only]
--FXP傳輸[pro only]
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We do not accept sites that are running of rented boxes;
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